Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Does Restoration Mean to Christians in America?

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Why Need Restoration?
Three of the main things that Jesus intends for the Church that He is building are: 1. To be filled with and led by the Holy Spirit; 2. To be one with Him and each other; 3. To know and live by His Word. There are other things but if one truthfully discerns the present Church, they will quickly acknowledge that the Church falls short in each of these areas. Therefore the Church is in great need of restoration.

What is Restoration?
A simple definition of restoration is the bringing back of the Church to Jesus Christ and the original biblical pattern intended by Him for the Church that He is building. Note: Biblical pattern is the pattern found in the Bible as the Word of God is rightly divided.

Concern for Christians in the United States
At the present time most of the Church on earth is far away from God's intended purposes for her. Although my concern is for the Church throughout the earth, in this message I am asking you to focus on the Church in the United States. Most, if not all, parts of the Church throughout the earth need restoration, but none more so than the part that is found within the United States of America.

Because of the overall unrestored state of the Church in the United States, I have what could be called a progressive concern for the future of Christians in the United States. What do I mean by a progressive concern? I mean that, as each day passes, the window closes a little on our time to prepare for things and events of the future. I am referring to things that are coming on the earth, things that are coming in the United States that will change this country as you and your family know it.

Some Christians are counting on things like the rapture, or even death, to escape what is coming. This often prevents them from doing the things that are needed to be ready. I have a glorious hope of the return of the Lord, but I have a concern for life before He returns. I am concerned about things that you and your family, as well as mine, will face. As time passes, we will progressively face things that, as a whole, we are unprepared for unless the Church in the United States is restored to God, His Word of truth, and His biblical pattern of living and doing all things. Some things to face will be minor, and some things to face will be major, but remember that "little foxes spoil the vine." There are many different topics of concern, but at this time I will only mention the loss of freedom(s).

Loss of Freedom(s)
When undistracted and focused Christians take a discerning look at present conditions as well as at conditions of the near past, they have to acknowledge that many freedoms have already been lost. Unless true restoration occurs soon, the losses of the past and present will be miniscule compared to the losses of the future, the near future. Many who profess to be Christians are even going to make decisions that will cost them their freedoms. They have been blinded by the things of the world and of the modern Church and will submit to being led by the blind into the ditch of bondage.

Is there Hope?
There is hope! There is hope that true disciples will wake up and become salt and light, not only to the world around them, but to the modern Church. It is too late to stop some of the things, minor and major, that are upon us, but it is not too late to unite in faith and call on God. God will respond and see you through; He will use you to be a help to others. Will you deny self, forsake all, and unite in faith with like-minded disciples to follow Jesus and be and do what He always intended for His disciples? If so, there is hope. There is not only the hope of the glorious return of the Lord, there is hope for a glorious Church in His image to be waiting and prepared for Him.

Requesting a Favor
I am requesting a favor of you. Would you please consider responding and sharing with me what you think of when I say that the Church as a whole is in need of restoration? How does restoration apply to you, your family (present and future), your local church, and all of the Church? Do you really understand what Jesus means by being a disciple in deed? Do you understand unity of faith? Do you believe that there will be a Church with Christ formed within that unites in faith and witnesses the gospel of the kingdom to all nations (Matthew 24:14)? Do you know where to start?


smillajuk said...

Hello Pastor Wayne I still visit your site usually every week. I can apply this question to the UK as well.

My belief of what restoration means to any country, UK or USA is that Christians are restored to being completely alive to Christ and experiencing Him in a vital one to one relationship so that this person is so involved with Him that every aspect of their life reflects Him. When this is multiplied throughout a nation, this signifies a real restoration

Rev. R. Wayne Wilson said...

I have read your comment before but was studying it closely today. If only enough true Christians could understand the need for the individual and the corporate commitment.

smillajuk said...

Hi Pastor Wayne

Thankyou for responding to my post which I received notice for. I thought about you today and low I received an encouragement from you later on this evening. I thought I would say that today the UK and the US are so parallel, with their respective slide away from the Lord. I have such a heart for my country. I so wish it to turn to Jesus in droves and away from such terrible fragmentation. This is why I wish to read encouragement in restoration for my country of the UK. Do you think that Jesus will use small numbers of people to bring back many people to Him?... When I have personal times with Him and He blesses me with His presence, I hope that he will use me and plant in me compassion for people.
Thankyou again


Rev. R. Wayne Wilson said...

Hi Gillian,

Please read our message posted today titled Restoring the New Testament Gospel. Be encouraged and the Lord bless and keep you...In Christ, Wayne

Anonymous said...

I just had the privilege of reading what you wrote on Restoration. My husband and I did not fall away from the Lord, we simply left the church we were attending because of the very same reasons you mentioned. We were divorced and are now back together because of the glory of God, and because we have learned SO much outside of the church we have returned to after relocating to another country.

We are now being asked to be restored to the body of the church, which boggles my mind, because of the depth of what we have learned outside of this church and would like to teach them. It seems that this will become a problem if we do not follow their desires.

Can you give us some guidance on this?

Thank you Pastor Wayne.

virginia williams said...

The church really does need to be restored. This is so true.