Thursday, December 13, 2012

Denying the Power of the Holy Spirit

”… having a form of godliness but denying its power …” 2 Timothy 3:5
When I awoke this morning, the Spirit of God began speaking to me about the denial of power within a large portion of the modern-day church. Truly, 2 Timothy 3:5 is more relevant currently than it has ever been. There are churches all over the earth who call themselves followers of Jesus but have various forms of godliness and are denying the power thereof. There is no greater demonstration of this problem than by a large number of churches and denominations within the United States of America.

This denial is expressed in several ways, including: denying that Jesus Christ is the only way to God, denying the truth of various parts of the Word of God, and denying the indwelling and overflowing of the Holy Spirit. This morning, the Holy Spirit focused my attention on the latter. There is a denial of the power of the Holy Spirit and the expression thereof in large portions of the modern-day church, especially in the United States.

We recently had political elections in the United States, as most of the world knows. The outcome was decided by how modern church people voted or whether they voted at all. Many stayed home, which was a dereliction of Christian duty; others voted based on deceptive ideologies because they lack a firm grasp of truth found by rightly dividing the Holy Scriptures. Yes, spiritual deception is having a heyday among many of the clergy and their parishioners. Other Christians voted differently than the aforementioned but not all for godly reasons. The overall state of the church is a mess, and one major indicator is in American politics.

Some, or should I say many, of those modern-day church members who cast their votes based on being true to biblical values and our Constitution are the ones I want to address presently. I commend you for standing for both! You voted in a godly way. You are concerned about things in the church world and society both here and abroad. I want you to hear that we must repent of having forms of godliness and denying the power and workings of the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of God is working to bring forth a remnant church in the image of Jesus Christ that will be a church of true godliness and mighty power. She will be holy as God is holy in all of her conduct. She will spiritually war against principalities and powers and pull down strongholds that have confused and deceived the minds of many within and without the church.

 Some of you are rightly concerned about the state of things in our nation’s capital as well as across our beloved country. I commend you, but I call you to humility before God and repentance where appropriate. Be assured that major godly change must first come within the church before godly change will take place in our country. We must yield to the Spirit of God, become sanctified with true Biblical truth, unite in faith, say the same things, put on our spiritual armor, and march to victory under the banner of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. He has won a victory that we must maintain. Let’s get going and occupy until He comes.

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